Allowing Space: Commiting to Daily Meditation Practice (Free Course)

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Allowing Space: Commiting to Daily Meditation Practice (Free Course)


Free Meditation course offer from King Sharp Productions

An in-depth meditation course with weekly online classes.
Each participant commits to meditating twice daily for 20min.

Course content:

1)Mapping our inner space, locating our Self within the chatter of mind and emotions.

2)Becoming an open passage, a channel for meditation.

3)Becoming sensitive to the subtle body & mudras - activating energy highways at will.

4)Extra complimentary class

It makes such a difference to practice daily, to be still daily, to stop daily. The effects of consistent practice are palpable and will support You throughout these weeks in an undeniable way. There is so much to do, so much to get these days, so much to absorb and understand, so much to become and enlighten and we need to take the steps, towards truly quietening our minds so that Clarity may enter and become the baseline of our mind.

A mind, a consciousness left to the triggers of thought, emotion and outer stimuli is scattered and blurry, a perfect breeding ground for anxiety, so, so common, especially, I find in the USA.

One of the most beneficial 'moves' we can learn is Allowing, for meditation is to adding anything extra to our minds, but learning how to stop and relax the rotating wheels of our mental, egoic, or personality self. Who are we when we stop? What we always, have already been only not fully embodied consciously. When we allow our Self to enter in a sense, we actually FEEL it and can ENJOY the experience. We already are perfect only very few people are actually making use of that, living that, experiencing that. We know about this on an intellectual level, in bursting moments of bliss or clarity, but what we want is to be able to ACCESS that at ANY MOMENT. Practice makes that possible and we can make that option.

I have been studying, practicing and exploring the mind and consciousness over 2 decades. It all started with one powerful experience of profound calm one night before going to bed when I was 20, I experienced myself with the tangible energy of a magnet. From that night on I searched.
I have studied Kundalini Yoga, Nutrition, Fasting, Vajrayana Tantra and hold an M.A. in Buddhist philosophy and practice. Lately I have been solely relying on pure energy itself as compass, teacher and guide.

I find the value of ancient teachers and texts has gained a new level of clarity and power these days. As if they have been imbued with new life for our new minds.

Looking forward to sharing new perspectives at this point in my life, a time of great change and access to light.

With love,

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